Your school wants to take a field trip to Anne Arundel County.

You've been selected to serve on the committee that's going to decide where the students will go. They will be able to visit three places in the county. The places should be the ones you think are most important to the history of the county.

There are eight sites to think about.


Step 1: Get a copy of all eight investigation pages. Your teacher may have done this for you. These pages are your think pads. Use them to take notes about the sites. If you are in school, your teacher will let you know how your work will be evaluated.

Step 2: Investigate each place. Start by using your investigation pages to take notes on the MPT video Anne Arundel's Legacy. Question to think about: Why is this place important to the history of Anne Arundel County?

Step 3: Go online to do further research. You can start with our list of some very interesting places on the Internet that can help you make up your mind. Add more details to your Investigation Pages by using encyclopedias and other books.

Step 4: Make your selections. You need to pick three sites and think about some good reasons why the students should visit these places.

Step 5: Make a travel poster about the trip you have planned.

Step 6: Write a persuasive letter to the person in your school who needs to approve the field trip. This is usually the principal. Convince this person that your field trip would be the best for the students at your school. Use correct business format to write the letter. If you need a reminder about the form to use, look here. To view this page, you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You can download the reader without charge.